Solana Beach’s Pizza Port brews ‘Coast to Crest Trail Ale’ to benefit river conservancy

L-R: Stephanie Gannon and Devon Randall of Pizza Port, Jessica Norton of the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy, David Hekel of San Dieguito River Park. Courtesy photo

The San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy is partnering with Pizza Port of Solana Beach to brew a special-edition benefit-beer called “Coast to Crest Trail Ale.”

Pizza Port and the SDRVC will host a special, kick-off “Hoppy Hour” from 5-8 p.m. April 27.

Devon Randall, head brewer, will use her existing “San Dieguito” beer recipe combined with locally sourced, native California sagebrush (Artemisia californica) to create the beer.

The model for this special beer is based on the successful special-edition beer, “Clothing Hoptional,” created by Wasatch Brewery and the Summit Land Conservancy in Park City, Utah, using wild-grown hops from protected open space.

“I loved the concept of teaming up with a local craft brewer, and as soon as Ranger Dave Hekel mentioned his special homebrew using local sagebrush, we knew we were on to something,” said Jess Norton, SDRVC Conservation Manager. “We brought the idea to Pizza Port in Solana Beach, and I’m not saying it’s fate, but it all came together when we found out Devon was already brewing a beer called ‘San Dieguito,’ which she named after one of her favorite trails in the River Park.”

Added Ranger Dave Hekel, “Having been a home-brewer as long as, if not longer, than I have been a park ranger, the opportunity to merge the two into something beneficial for the park is very exciting. The fact that I was able to contribute my ideas on the beer style and use of California sage was icing on the cake.”

This limited-edition, special-benefit beer will be available at the Solana Beach Pizza Port. One dollar of every glass of Coast to Crest Trail Ale sold will be donated to support the SDRVC and implementation of the Coast to Crest Trail.

“What better way to cool down and relax after a hike through the San Dieguito River Park than to enjoy a chilled pint of Coast to Crest Trail Ale, brewed by Pizza Port especially for the San Dieguito River Valley Conservancy,” said Peter Shapiro, president of the SDRVC Board.