Torrey Pines freshman attends ‘Price is Right’ taping, plays Plinko on stage

Hudson Welty

Torrey Pines High School freshman Hudson Welty was in the audience for the taping of a high school edition of “The Price is Right,” airing on Thursday, April 23, at 10 a.m. on CBS (KFMB).

Hudson and his father traveled to Los Angeles for the taping of the episode, which took place at the end of February as part of a high school special.

“The lights came on and they started playing the famous music and calling names,” said Hudson, 14, recalling the experience. “I was so excited when I heard them call my name, I couldn’t believe it.”

He made it on stage to play Plinko, a popular game among fans of the show that has awarded tens of thousands of dollars to top contestants.

“Drew Carey came out and he is such a good guy, he is so funny and cool,” Hudson said.

He added that Plinko is one of his favorite “Price is Right” games, along with Rat Race and Cliffhanger.

“I had to promise not to give away any spoilers, but let’s just say I’ll never forget the day,” Hudson said.

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