CCA student launches free, online space summer camp for kids

CCA student Ryan Clairmont created Cosmoto, a virtual space-themed summer camp.

Ryan Clairmont, a junior at Canyon Crest Academy, has developed a free, virtual space summer camp for elementary school-aged children. Called Cosmoto, the program is designed to help children whose in-person summer programs have been canceled due to COVID-19 and to also help families in underserved communities who may not be able to afford a quality summer program.

“I have always been very interested in space and astronomy and I decided that I could share my passion for space with children by creating this free space camp,” said Ryan, who lives in Carmel Valley.

The camp will begin online June 29 but kids can join in at any time. Ryan plans to offer instructional videos for children to enjoy with their parents, hands-on art activities and space science experiments. Space themes that will be explored include space exploration, the night sky, the solar system, origins of the universe and search for life on other planets.

Most activity materials will be common household items and there is a flexible schedule so kids can participate at their own pace.

    “I would like as many children as possible to be able to enjoy this camp this summer,” said Ryan.

    To sign up, visit