Helen Woodward Animal Center’s 2020 Critter Olympics provides fun-filled online programming

Mini horse

Mini horse Fable preps for the dressage competition.

This week, TV-viewers everywhere had hoped to tune into the finest athletes in the world tackling the summer’s most awe-inspiring competitions at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 crisis has necessitated the canceling of events across the globe, leaving individuals with big disappointments and little to watch. For the critters at Helen Woodward Animal Center, however, a day without games is a day wasted. With this in mind, an adorable variety of the Center’s four-footed friends are prepping to bring some very special comPETitions to computer screens. Helen Woodward Animal Center invites animal-lovers to the 2020 Critter Olympics which kicked off Tuesday, Aug. 11 and runs through Aug. 29 featuring unique competitions.

Orphan pup Shade

Orphan pup Shade preps for the soccer competition.

Helen Woodward Animal Center Education Ambassadors Kronk and Kuzco will provide game commentary to add to the fun. All programming is free to the public to enjoy. Check out the fun and see a schedule of events at animalcenter.org/events/critter-olympics or on Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Facebook page.

Bearded dragons

Bearded dragons Norbert and Diamond prep for the sailing competition.