Work by Del Mar artist Amanda Saint Claire featured in show at Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla


In “Laying It Bare” at Fresh Paint Gallery in La Jolla, paintings by Del Mar resident Amanda Saint Claire give viewers the experience of enjoying artwork that communicates spontaneity, generosity of spirit, and boundless possibility. The show, which presents the art of Walter Redondo and Amanda Saint Claire, will go through Sept. 27.

“Technicolor Soulscape”, 40”x40”, oil on wood panel by Amanda Saint Claire

“Technicolor Soulscape”, 40”x40”, oil on wood panel by Amanda Saint Claire

Saint Claire has been painting for nearly a decade since closing her law practice. Through her work with the California Self-Determination program, Saint Claire mentors Katie Flores, a neurodivergent artist whose art practice has flourished since the mentorship began last March. Saint Claire describes this aspect of her art career as “two people working through the arts to find a solution” and feels strongly that her work with Flores ties into her pursuit of the equanimity she expresses in her own paintings.

Fresh Paint Gallery owner Deborah Williams describes Saint Claire’s work as “art that feels necessary, and has something important to say,” through the surfaces made active through beautiful colors, interesting compositions and gestures.

Saint Claire’s 48” x 144” triptych, “Call Me By My True Names”, inspired by the poetry of Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hahn, took Saint Claire a full 18 months to complete and is the work that Williams feels best expresses Saint Claire’s ability to “paint past the point where the ego surrenders and stops trying to control the paint and the materials,” in order to “connect to a universal consciousness.”

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