Jimbo’s announces ‘Appreciating Essential Workers’ campaign


In partnership with Sunfood Superfoods, Jimbo’s is announcing the “Appreciating Essential Workers” campaign in celebration of the Jimbo’s Carlsbad renovation. The natural foods store invites San Diego shoppers to recognize the essential nature of Jimbo’s staff and highlight the impact they have made over the years.


The appreciation campaign began Monday, Nov. 16 and will remain open until Monday, Dec. 7. Staff members from all Jimbo’s locations are eligible for nomination. The winners of the appreciation campaign will receive a Jimbo’s $100 gift card, and up to 16 gift cards will be distributed.

The local San Diego community will be encouraged to nominate a Jimbo’s staff member who has made a difference in their life through an online submission form. Nominators should consider staff members who have promoted safety and ease throughout the pandemic, provided first-class customer service, or simply brighten each shopping trip with a positive attitude and good conversation.

“Over the past year, our staff has embraced the term ‘essential workers’ and have proven to be just that,” said Jim “Jimbo” Someck, founder of Jimbo’s. “They are an integral part of the San Diego community and our shoppers’ well-being. We thank our staff members for their hard work and believe that there is no better way to commemorate the Carlsbad store renovation than to celebrate our incredible and dedicated staff.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Jimbo’s to recognize the dedication of San Diego’s essential workers,” said Erin Bellavance, spokesperson for Sunfood Superfoods. “Jimbo’s aligns with our core values of providing wholesome, nutritious food to the community, and we look forward to honoring the people that carry out this mission daily.”

Nominations can be made at an online submission form at https://jimbos.com/essential-workers-nomination-form/

Details on the nomination procedure will also be displayed throughout each Jimbo’s store.

For more information on Jimbo’s, visit www.jimbos.com or follow Jimbo’s social media channels @JimbosNaturally on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.