Santa Claus’s original sleigh ‘Santa One’ unveiled at San Diego Air & Space Museum

Santa’s Sleigh
Santa’s Sleigh
(Vincent Andrunas)

Santa Claus’s recently retired original sleigh “Santa One” – the “most famous aircraft of all time,” which he personally flew around the world every Christmas Eve delivering toys to children – now resides at the San Diego Air & Space Museum, its permanent home as of Dec. 1. Santa specifically chose San Diego and the Air & Space Museum, where young boys and girls can visit it often.

“Santa One” has been lovingly restored in the museum’s world-famous restoration shop and includes bright red paint and gold trim and lettering. “Santa One’s” placement in the San Diego Air & Space Museum’s Rotunda perfectly fits its historic aircraft collection.

Of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus agreed to make a special trip down from the North Pole on Alaska Airlines to attend the “Santa One” Dec. 1 unveiling ceremony.

“I am so thrilled to have a new home for my original ‘Santa One’ and to have it so magnificently restored and displayed by the prestigious artisans at the San Diego Air & Space Museum,” said Santa.

Santa’s Sleigh
Santa’s Sleigh
(Vincent Andrunas)

Santa and Mrs. Claus, joined at the ceremony by the Grinch, and in the spirit of the holidays, share the message ... “working together is better!”

“Santa One” is on display at the museum through the holidays, providing guests and their families with a truly unique and family-friendly photo opportunity this holiday season. The entire Christmas display complete with the sleigh, a fireplace, Christmas trees and a train set is available for the public to use as a stage for holiday photos through Dec. 24.

Visitors can view:

—Santa’s original sleigh -- “Santa One”

—The patriotic America’s Christmas tree featuring a complete set of the 40 official White House Christmas ornaments provided by the White House Historical Foundation.

—The original copy of the first printing of “The Night Before Christmas” written by Professor CC Moore in Philadelphia in 1892. (Provided by Seth Kaller, America’s leading rare manuscript dealer.)

The San Diego Air & Space Museum is California’s official air and space museum and education center. The museum is an affiliate of the Smithsonian Institution, and it was the first aero-themed museum to be accredited by the American Alliance of Museums. The museum is located at 2001 Pan American Plaza, Balboa Park, San Diego, 92101. The museum and gift store are open daily. For hours and more information, visit