Teen Volunteers In Action, San Diego Chapter 2 to host virtual ‘Prospective Parent Meeting’ Feb. 24

TVIA members
Tasman Wall (2023), Aiden Geary (2022), Alex Boldt (2026), Drew Dawson (2027), Andrew Morris (2027), Marco Catanzaro (2027), Ian Richards (2027) address food insecurity and hunger by volunteering at Feeding San Diego.
(Courtesy of TVIA Chapter 2)

Teen Volunteers in Action (TVIA) is a philanthropy organization for young men and their families. The mission talks about commitment to the development of community leaders through a structured program of volunteerism, philanthropy, and personal growth.

TVIA is an excellent opportunity for young men to grow their volunteer portfolio to understand their community and themselves better. TVIA allows young men to help others and see the immediate effect of their volunteer efforts. The reach of TVIA extends not only throughout the community of San Diego but even the military. TVIA members serve food to the homeless, call bingo to the seniors in the community, and lay Christmas wreaths on fallen veterans’ tombstones.

Marco Catanzaro (Class of 2027, 7th grade)
Marco Catanzaro (Class of 2027, 7th grade) displays Valentine’s Day cards he made for older adults socially isolated due to the pandemic on behalf of the nonprofit Catholic Charities Diocese of San Diego.
(Photos Courtesy of TVIA Chapter 2)

TVIA also encourages each member to take a leadership role, to learn the importance of being a leader among their peers. For example, once a TVIA member applies and is appointed to the Leadership Council, the council meets as a core group and discusses connecting TVIA members across grades and with its community partners. Additionally, TVIA supports the relationship and connection with the young men’s families. It helps strengthen the bond of the family while helping others. Boys typically apply in the spring of their 6th grade year and remain committed to the program until they finish high school. There are several TVIA chapters in San Diego.

TVIA is a wonderful volunteer organization for young men and their families who want to volunteer to make their community a better place. To learn more about the organization, please visit TVIA.org. If interested in joining Chapter 2 (most boys live in Carmel Valley/Del Mar), please reach out to vpmembershipsd2@tvia.org. Applications for the Class of 2028 will open on March 1.

If you’re interested in finding out more about TVIA, San Diego Chapter 2 (SD2) is holding its virtual “Prospective Parent Meeting” on Feb. 24 at 7 p.m.

— Report by Gable Krich, Class of 2023