Oolong Gallery’s ‘Sunblock 5000’ show opens on Aug. 28

A painting by artist Taylor Chapin in Oolong Gallery's new show.
A painting by artist Taylor Chapin in Oolong Gallery’s new show.
(Courtesy of Oolong Gallery)

The new Oolong Gallery on the 101 in Solana Beach presents its second exhibition to date, “Sunblock 5000”, a colorful, experimental and zany exhibition that will open on Aug. 28.

On display through Oct. 9, an opening reception will be held Sunday, Aug. 28 from 12-5 p.m. and will include most of the artists in the show traveling from New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles, Oceanside and Chula Vista.

Gallery owner Eric Laine describes the Sunblock 5000 exhibition as his take on beach art: “a sun-stroked upsell on esthetic purity tests apres the beach.”

The show includes a life-sized Cheeto pile installation by artist Sam Keller, who also co-curated the exhibition. He is most known for his infamous bedazzled crushed beer cans (framed), two of which will also be on display.

Artist Sam Keller with his Cheeto sculpture.
(Courtesy of Oolong Gallery)

Hanging from a skylight in the front of the gallery is Detroit artist Meredith Morrison’s glass beadwork with nylon thread, metal jump rings and charms. Artist Martha Colburn’s 10 x 6 foot “fantastical” collage painting “Teddy Bear Care Center” was made as a reminder of the terrible violence war brings upon children, such as in Ukraine where nurseries have been bombed.

The show will also feature paintings by Taylor Chapin, a recent UC San Diego MFA graduate and alum of San Dieguito Academy, photography by former professional skateboarder Jerry Hsu as well other surprises including a virtual reality piece.

Oolong Gallery is located at 349 N. Highway 101. For more information, visit oolongallery.com