In-person special election to be held for Torrey Pines Community Planning Board

La Jolla Light staff photo
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A special election in-person for the Torrey Pines Community Planning Board will be held Tuesday, Oct. 18 at Del Mar Hills Academy Performing Arts Center (PAC), located at 14085 Mango Drive, Del Mar. Doors open at approximately 6:05 p.m.

The special election is being held to to five open board seats – four resident or property owner and one for local business.

In-person voting: Sign-in sheet and ballots at tables will be provided by election monitors as you enter. Sign-in sheet requires printed name, address and signature with optional space for email if you wish to receive future notices.

Election classification: Resident or property owner –vote for four (4):

Irene Young; Evan White; Ian Galton; Duncan Agnew; Lisa Coles; Sandip Patel

Election for business or not-for-profit organizations — vote for one (1):

Global Air Logistics and Training (GALT) Founder and CEO John Kohut, Tina Robinson appointed to represent GALT (placement on ballot was from random drawing).

For more in-depth candidate details including a short biographical statement and a full candidate question and answer form can be found at

Notice: The TPCPB was requested that the city attorney’s office allow for the expansion of the current board seats 13 to 16 via change to bylaws.