Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society seeks volunteers to serve as docents at the Solana Beach Museum

Training sessions to be held


The Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society is looking for members of the community who are interested in serving as docents for the Solana Beach Museum. On Sept. 16 and Sept. 23, the Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society will be hosting an Open House to teach and train local residents about the history of Solana Beach. The Solana Beach Museum is located in La Colonia Park and is open every first and third Saturday from 1 p.m.-3 p.m. The training sessions will begin at noon.

The training will be taught by Lisa Montes and Jolene Bogard, both longtime Solana Beach residents. Montes is the museum curator and also is very active in the La Colonia Foundation. Her family was one of the first to live in La Colonia. Bogard is the new president of the Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society. She and her family have also been part of and active in the community of Solana Beach for several generations. Her mother, Marion Dodson, was active in the development of the community.

Bogard states in a news release, “We moved to Solana Beach when I was 1 year old. I have fond memories of the many areas in Lomas Santa Fe Hills, but I also enjoy learning about our humble beginning in this town. Just because I grew up in the ‘Country Club’ development, doesn’t mean I don’t need to learn about the formation of Solana Beach, from water rights, to electricity , to forming a city. I had a front row seat to watching my mom tackling the helm. And I love sharing my passion for Solana Beach…just like Lisa does.”

Volunteering is a wonderful way to give back to the community and the Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society is offering a way to do just that. As Bogard says, “With our pickleball court, skateboard park, and picnic tables close by…you can literally watch your children in the park and volunteer at the same time. You do not need to have prior knowledge of our community’s history. We will teach you all that you need to know.”

Your participation will help to continue the organization’s efforts to preserve and share the history of Solana Beach.