Ashley Falls Sweetheart Dance
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Ashley Falls Sweetheart Dance

Tyler and Marc Kayne (McKenzie Images)
Takehito Hananochi and Yume (McKenzie Images)
Robert and Randi Marsella with Dylan and Harper (McKenzie Images)
Rene Castellanos and Fannia (McKenzie Images)
Blair Pountney and Taylor, Terence Johnson and Faith (McKenzie Images)
Co-chair Alex Schwarz and Emma, co-chair Jessy Sidhu and Ava (McKenzie Images)
Dave Peterson and Kylie, Ian Berg and Casey (McKenzie Images)
Erika and Gary Shih (McKenzie Images)
Craig Sanger and Riley (McKenzie Images)
David Poole and Zoe, Noah Johnson and Maddie (McKenzie Images)
Andy Crowder and Katherine (McKenzie Images)
Christopher McKim with Morgan and Madeline, Jimmy Sandhu with Anjali (McKenzie Images)
William Wall and Layla (McKenzie Images)