Solana Beach Eco Rotary Foundation elects new officers and board members


The Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club Foundation recently announced the election of a new board of directors and officers. The board of directors establishes policy for the Foundation and provides guidance to the Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club in the selection of charitable organizations receiving grants and other types of funding. The Foundation elects board members and officers with each director serving for three years. The new board members and officers are:

 Carl J. Kosnar: President, CEO & Chairman of the Board

 Harlyn L. Stevens Treasurer, Chief Financial Officer

 Michael Stevens Secretary

The combined mission of both the Solana Beach ECO Rotary Foundation and Club is, “To educate ourselves and our communities about environmental challenges and engage in implementing their solutions.”

In pursuit of its mission, both the Foundation and Club are advocates for causes and activities that support a healthy environment. This includes addressing concerns for environmental protection and the impact of climate change on humans, animals and plants.

The Foundation has recently embarked upon developing a social-enterprise task force made up of Foundation officers and experienced and innovative business professionals. The Foundation offers counseling and guidance to help social sector businesses and other NGOs become more effective in achieving their goals through the principles of social- enterprise expansion. The social-enterprise system creates opportunities for local entrepreneurs to deliver products and services to underserved communities worldwide. Through social-enterprise expansion methods, the Foundation promotes sector-wide awareness and understanding of social replication as a method to systematically scale social impact.

The Foundation management team believes that social-enterprise expansion is one of the most exciting ways to scale social impact. Kosnar says, “Whether you want to make a difference by becoming a Solana Beach ECO Rotary Club member or are seeking assistance with your social-enterprise business concept, we encourage you to contact us.”

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