TPHS students take on annual ‘Challenge Day,’ which aims to build a more inclusive campus


Participating in the ninth annual “Challenge Day,” Torrey Pines High School students were tasked to connect with classmates and overcome differences last week. The ‘Challenge Day’ program, funded by the TPHS Foundation’s TP Education Fund, intended to bring together students and break down stigmas via a series of hands-on workshops.

The first portion of the day had students group together and play games in order to develop an initial bond. Later, participants shared more intimate details of their lives with their trusted peers.

“It was amazing how supportive and encouraging everyone was,” said Kendal Boothman, a TPHS freshman who attended the event. “I loved the environment and wish I could have gone twice.”

Determined to be the most emotional activity, “Cross the line” gave students the opportunity to hear about hardships that others have faced, connect with those tackling similar circumstances, and confront them together. The program could take up to 100 participants in each of the four days that ran Tuesday through Friday.

“We had 363 students participate, not including 20 student leaders and 25 to 30 staff and parent volunteers involved in each days’ activities,” commented Shelley Stevenson, TPHS Foundation’s Challenge Day chairperson. “On the last day, we had to turn away at least 50 students.”

This unique program is fully funded through donations to the TPHS Foundation’s TP Education Fund.

Michelle Seda, president of the Foundation’s board of directors, concluded, “Our TPHS Foundation Challenge Day chairs worked tirelessly in collaboration with the TPHS staff, student leaders, and parent volunteers to bring this incredibly compelling program to our students. The positive impact this program has on our students and volunteers is powerful and long lasting. We look forward to continue bringing engaging programs that enhance our students educational experience on the TPHS campus.”