AYLUS San Diego Branch donates 4,019 books to Words Alive


Carmel Valley students of the Alliance of Youth Leaders in the United States (AYLUS) collected 4,019 books between May 1, 2018 and June 18, 2018 from local schools across San Diego. They then donated these books to the Words Alive organization, helping to carry and load these books from vehicles to the Words Alive office in Rancho Santa Fe. It took a total of five vehicles to transport all of the donated books to the Words Alive office. Over 50 boxes were used to transport the books, and because the office was located on the second floor, it took a lot of hard work from the students to carry the heavy boxes up the stairs.

Words Alive is a nonprofit organization that aims to create and deliver many meaningful literacy programs that help participants develop a lasting love and habit of reading. Through their teacher-guided reading services and scholarship programs, Words Alive aims to open up opportunities for at-risk populations such as pregnant and parenting teens, low-income families, and others who may not have access to books. By donating books, AYLUS is helping to make literature more accessible and teaching the importance of reading at a young age to the children of these at-risk families.

In 2017, Words Alive served over 3,700 students and parents in their literacy program sessions, which aims to actively engage people to connect with literature. They also helped over 400 families add a combined total of 2,500 books to their bookshelves. Moving forward, Words Alive hopes to reach out to the community and collaborate with school districts to make literature available and enjoyable for students of all ages and economic backgrounds.

The following students delivered the books to Words Alice on Aug. 17: Jonathan Backues, Annie Bian, Leonard Fan, Chengda Li, Chengming Li, Raymond Li, Joshua Trost, Eric Xu, Amanda Zhang, Andrew Zhang, Alan Zhu, and Brian Zhu.