The San Diego Foundation announces availability of grants to connect, protect and increase access to nature


The San Diego Foundation recently announced the availability of grant funding through the Opening the Outdoors Program. The 2018 grant cycle will prioritize nonprofit projects that protect and connect outdoor spaces and improve access to nature, especially for the San Diego region’s most park-poor and underserved communities.

According to The San Diego Foundation Parks for Everyone report, 45 percent of San Diego County’s total land area is green space. However, many low-income, ethnically diverse communities have limited access to parks and open spaces. The Opening the Outdoors program serves to close this gap and ensure that San Diego youth grow up with equitable access to nature and similar, shared experiences outside.

To be considered, eligible organizations must send a Letter of Intent by March 9 for projects ranging from $25,000 to $75,000 that address at least one of the following goals:

1. Create and sustain access to natural amenities in communities where access to green space is limited, as defined in resources such as the Parks for Everyone report or Parks for All Californians.

2. Build community support for timely public policies or funding measures that will significantly expand protection, connection or access to wildlands and green space.

3. Connect and protect nature through conservation/restoration/acquisition of open space.

For more information about The San Diego Foundation Opening the Outdoors Program, or to apply for one of the available grants, visit