Del Mar resident among 2019 KPBS Hall of Fame Visionary honorees

KPBS Hall of Fame 2019 Visionary Honorees: Julie Hatch, Del Mar resident Kitty Wolcott, Kathy Bettles and Patti Nussbaum, members of the Producers Club Committee.

KPBS has announced station advocates, volunteers, and local philanthropists Carol Vassiliadis, Harold Zimnick, and the Producers Club Committee as the 2019 KPBS Hall of Fame Visionary honorees. Established in 2010, the KPBS Hall of Fame honors the individuals and families who have made KPBS one of the leading public media organizations in the country.

Collectively, the 2019 honorees have contributed to KPBS through their treasure, talent, and time.

“Whether it’s advising us on an exciting membership program, devoting their time, or inspiring the next generation of supporters, the 2019 Hall of Fame Honorees have made a positive impact on KPBS,” said KPBS General Manager Tom Karlo. “As a result of their advocacy, KPBS is able to enrich, educate, and engage our community today and for generations to come.”

The KPBS Producers Club Committee provides engagement and membership support to the station. President Kitty Wolcott, a Del Mar resident, and committee members Kathy Bettles, Julie Hatch, and Patti Nussbaum have helped grow the program by nearly 200 percent since the committee’s inception in 2009.

Local philanthropist Carol Vassiliadis has been closely connected with KPBS since the 1960s. She is passionate about the role of KPBS in the community and especially in children’s lives. She has provided the largest gift in station history by a living person and is also a donor to the MASTERPIECE Trust.

KPBS volunteer, tour guide, donor and ambassador Harold Zimnick has provided invaluable support and insight during equipment investments, digital broadcasting and infrastructure projects.

Vassiliadis cites the intellectuality, the spirituality, the uplift of your mind when you see things that are hopeful as her favorite parts of KPBS. “I know how expensive it is to keep it going and if I have a certain amount of money that I can put in… public television will always be one of my first choices because I think it’s most important for humanity.”

Wolcott echoes the value public media has in the local community. “KPBS is something I really strongly believe in. I think it’s such an asset to the community,” she said.

“This honor is very much a surprise to me,” said Zimnick. “When Tom announced to me that I was getting this award, he mentioned the various activities and things that I’ve done for the station — not only financially, but also with the engineering experience, being a docent, and being a volunteer. It’s important to me and it makes me feel good to support KPBS.”

An event to celebrate Carol Vassiliadis, Harold Zimnick and the Producers Club Committee will take place on Saturday, April 13, at the US Grant Hotel. NPR Journalist Elise Hu, the founding bureau chief for NPR’s Seoul office, is the featured guest.

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