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Mosaics reinstalled at Solana Beach Library

Solana Beach Library has a new look. The beautiful mosaics have been relocated and reinstalled on the front east wall of the library.

Local artist Christie Beniston created the 10 panels, which were originally installed in 2010 and were removed in 2014 for the rebuilding of Earl Warren Middle School and renovation of the library.

The 10 mosaics represent the categories of information found in the Dewey Decimal System. The 10 panels also symbolize the number of locations the library has had in the city since the first library opened in 1925. The framing around the panels was inspired by a quilt design, an idea prompted by quilting bees and their communal contribution to communities. The pattern also represents a city grid, with overlapping ”roadways” indicating interaction and shared pathways of citizens as well as the interaction of information and ideas, all of which contribute to the greater meaning of community. --Submitted press information

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