Solana Beach Little League Opening Day
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Solana Beach Little League Opening Day

Coaches Steve Bastasini and Lyn Jutronich and the Yankees  (McKenzie Images)
Coaches Ryan Stafford and Nol Calabrese and the Cardinals (McKenzie Images)
Coach Jeff Green and the Royals (McKenzie Images)
Coaches David Dale, Michael Powell, Bill Yates, Duncan Dodd and the Pirates (McKenzie Images)
Coaches Greg Flynn and John DiMarzo and the Tigers (McKenzie Images)
Coach Benji Phillips and the D-Backs (McKenzie Images)
Coach Ken Perlman and the Mariners (McKenzie Images)
Coach Ben Weiss and the Red Sox (McKenzie Images)
Coach Pat Miles and the Giants (McKenzie Images)
Coaches Todd Alcantara, Anthony Campagna, Brad Chapman and the Rangers (McKenzie Images)