Temecula horse/animal rescue needs funds for new home by April


Monika Kerber and Louise Gardner have rescued more than 180 horses and brought them to Villa Chardonnay Equine and Animal Sanctuary in Temecula over the past 11 years. In their care, the horses have regained hundreds of pounds, received medical care and have the permanent home they deserve until the end of their days.

The equine safe haven has grown and cares for an incredible 140 abandoned horses, eight rescued donkeys, three goats, more than 50 homeless cats, 14 rescued dogs and three turkeys. The waiting list is long for animals seeking a home at Villa Chardonnay.

Now Villa Chardonnay, one of the largest and most reputable sanctuaries in North America, must leave its home.

“Help us protect them all. We have committed the rest of our lives to them and their care. Each one is unique and has special needs. We are urgently reaching out to animal lovers throughout the country for help,” said Kerber, CEO and caregiver/rehabilitator at the facility.

A larger facility will provide a better home for the animals and offer additional programs for the children and adults of Southern California. A location has been identified that has enough land for the horses, equestrian facilities for programs including equine therapy and helping people with disabilities, and room to grow alfalfa for feed.

Villa Chardonnay has launched a national capital campaign to raise funds for a down payment and the physical move. Additional costs will be financed through a mortgage, as a property required for this many animals costs into seven figures. The deadline to raise the funds is by April 2015.

Learn more about the capital campaign and corporate sponsorship opportunities at www.villachardonnay.org, or mail donations to 42200 Calle Barbona, Temecula, CA 92592. To participate, contact Louise Gardner at Louise@VillaChardonnay.org. Villa Chardonnay, Horses with Wings, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit.