Del Mar knitting group holds surprise baby shower


A Del Mar knitting group recently held a surprise baby shower for a local busboy.

While dining with her husband, Larry Brooks, at En Fuego Cantina and Grill in Del Mar, Martha Brooks learned that a busboy was expecting babies in December. Rodrigo and his wife, already parents of two girls, are adding twin girls to their growing family. Their other daughters are 2 and 5 years old.

“That’s a lot for a family,” Brooks said.

After sharing the news with her Del Mar-based knitting group, the group knitted and crocheted a quilt, blankets, sweaters, scarves and hats for the family.

“We just decided to take them on as a project and everybody just got busy making things,” Brooks said.

The knitting group is a part of the Del Mar chapter of P.E.O. P.E.O., which stands for Philanthropic Educational Organization, strives to promote educational opportunities for women.

The 12-member group often makes hats for newborns at local hospitals, but this was a new project. They spent about three months making their handcrafted gifts.

“It was a ball,” Brooks said. “We had a wonderful time.”

They held a surprise baby shower on election night for Rodrigo, presenting him with their handmade gifts.

“It was a complete surprise for him,” Brooks said.