Pacific Ridge School students raise $1,000 for Kauai preschool

Pacific Ridge School service learning group W.I.N.D. raised $1,000 for a Kauai preschool damaged by flooding.

Pacific Ridge School students recently raised $1,000 to assist the Aloha School in Kauai, which was completely flooded during the island’s record-breaking rains last month. The students are part of a service learning group named W.I.N.D that raises funds and awareness for people affected by natural disasters.

“We heard about the Kauai floods on the news and we decided to donate the funds we’ve raised to the Aloha preschool since it was completely damaged during the floods,” said W.I.N.D. leader and Pacific Ridge sophomore Samantha Frank.

Nearly 50 inches of rain fell on the north shore of Kauai in 24 hours on April 15, causing major flooding.

Sophomore Sarah Footer and her family have a strong connection to Kauai. “I call it my second home,” she said. When the flooding happened, she saw the opportunity to give back. “The preschool was totally destroyed. It’s really sad. They need new books, toys and a ton of repairs before they can open again,” she said.

W.I.N.D. raised the funds by selling pizza, churros and handmade bracelets. In the first year of the group’s existence, students have raised a total of $3,000. After Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico last September, students sent $1,000 worth of supplies to the island. In January, the group sent $1,000 to a search and rescue nonprofit helping those affected by the Santa Barbara mudslides.

Students in W.I.N.D. will continue their efforts helping those affected by natural disasters in the coming school year.