Local students raise money for children of families in Houston whose homes were flooded

Students from Canyon Crest Academy, Torrey Pines High School, The Bishop’s School, Carmel Valley Middle School, Pacific Trails Middle School, Del Norte High School, Ocean Air Elementary School, Solana Ranch Elementary School and Sycamore Ridge Elementary School, who also are members of the Alliance of Youth Leadership in the United States (AYLUS), have started a fundraising drive to raise money for children of Houston families whose homes were flooded by Hurricane Harvey and the flooding that followed.

Stephen Yang, who is National President of AYLUS, said AYLUS has five branches in Greater Houston: Cypress, Fort Bend, Houston, Pearland and Sugar Land. Fort Bend and Sugar Land are hit hard by Harvey’s flooding. Families are either trapped in their homes or are staying with friends or relatives.

To help children of Houston families whose homes were flooded, members of the AYLUS San Diego Branch started a local fundraising drive late Wednesday night, Aug. 30, and have raised ( $6,500 so far. All of the funds are sent to Houston through the American Red Cross.

Forty-five students participated in the fundraising for children in Houston so far: Xin (Mike) Bai, Chang (Annie) Bian, Sarah Cheng, Edison Chiu, Jessica Fan, Leonard Fan, Anais Feller, Chloe Feller, Benjamin Guo, Nathan Guo, Jeffery Guo, Aaron Huang, Anthony Jiang, Claire Jiang, William Lai, Chengming (Daniel) Li, Andric Li, Chengda (Samuel) Li, Eric Li, Raymond Li, Cynthia Liu, Andrew Peng, Elden Ren, Lucy Ren, Edison Shen, Jackson Shen, William Sun, Mike Wang, Tingxu Wang, Andrew Xu, Jason Xu, Lynne Xu, Ricky Xu, Christopher Yang, Nathan Yang, Stephen Yang, Xianying (Bonnie) Yu, Amanda Zhang, Andrew Zhang, Ashley Zhang, Zoe Zhang, Zhirui Zheng, Emily Zhong, Kelly Zhong, Jason Zhou, Alan Zhu, Brian Zhu, Samantha Zhu, Wanyi Zhu and Zachary Zhu.

Many students donated all the money from their allowances and piggy banks to Houston children who lost their homes in the flood. Three brothers, Jeffrey Guo, Nathan Guo and Benjamin Guo, gave all the money from red envelopes from the New Year.

Stephen Yang is also leading a nationwide fundraising drive to help children in the Greater Houston area. AYLUS has raised a total of $12,921 since Sept. 1.

The fundraising drive is still going on. The American Red Cross will issue a receipt for online donations. AYLUS will issue a receipt for cash and check donations.