Carmel Del Mar science teacher wins climate science funding and resources for students

Jennifer Munoz is the science teacher at Carmel Del Mar Elementary School (CDM). Thanks to funding secured by Munoz, students at CDM will have a unique opportunity to learn about climate science from a multi-generational perspective.

With funding from StayCool4Grandkids and the Climate Science Alliance (made possible by a grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)), CDM’s sixth grade students will participate in lab experiments with Scripps Institute of Oceanography graduate students; see a presentation by a UCSD Scripps Institute scientist who will share stories about working in the field as a marine biologist; and go on a field trip to Batiquitos Lagoon in Carlsbad.

As part of this program, all of the students at CDM will get to participate in an interactive assembly with a performance by a Nos De Chita, a Brazilian dance group teaching environmental awareness. Climate science books will also be donated to CDM’s library. And, with the guidance of CDM’s art teacher, Nicole Nelson, the students will do an art project that integrates their climate science learning.

Volunteers from StayCool4Grandkids, a nonprofit organization of well-informed grandparents working to protect future generations from climate change, will be helping out with guided investigations in the lab and during the assembly. Munoz is “encouraged to see grandparents, grandchildren and young adults working towards solutions to climate change and our planet’s future, and doing the important work involved in conservation of resources.” She believes this work will also “inspire the students to be environmental stewards of our beautiful coast.”

“I am grateful to these organizations for providing CDM students with this extraordinary learning opportunity, and to the community for continuing to help fund STEAM+ specialists like Mrs. Munoz and Mrs. Nelson who add tremendous value to our kids’ educations” said Ruby Evans. Evans is a CDM parent who serves, together with Josh Raysman, as a member of the Board of Directors of the Del Mar Schools Education Foundation (DMSEF) representing the families of CDM. DMSEF is a nonprofit charity with the sole purpose of raising money to help fund STEAM+ specialist salaries in the Del Mar Union School District.

“This is a perfect example of how STEAM+ specialists like Mrs. Munoz and Mrs. Nelson provide hands-on learning experiences that will help our kids solve the problems of the future, and inspire them for a lifetime of learning” added Raysman.

The President and Chairman of the Board of DMSEF, Ty Humes, is “excited about the leadership role that both Josh and Ruby have taken on behalf of the great families at CDM and the DMSEF board to help ensure the continued success of CDM’s STEAM+ program.”