Royal Academy of Performing Arts Grand Opening

Francine Garton, the longtime owner of the Royal Dance Academy in Carmel Valley, held a grand opening of her second school, the Royal Academy of Performing Arts in Sorrento Valley.

The festive afternoon featured music, dance and acting demonstrations, opportunity drawings, gift certificates, free classes, voice and music trials, and children’s activities. In addition, the event provided tours of the 15,000-square-foot building, which has five dance studios, rooms devoted to vocal recording, music, acting, ballroom dancing, public performances, yoga, Pilates and gyrotonics, professional-level dressing rooms, conference rooms and a viewing lounge with screens that stream real-time video of the activities from each class.

Technologically advanced, with professional-level sound and light equipment, each studio also has CCTV cameras, and all classes are video-recorded onto DVDs so that instructors can replay them and track a student’s progress and improvement.

Royal Academy of Performing Arts is at 11494 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego. Call 858-259-RAPA (7272) for information and class schedules.