Special Earth Day SciFri at Del Mar Heights

At their most hands-on SciFri this year, Del Mar Heights students and parents were in for a treat! Presented jointly with Heights Cares, families celebrated Earth Day by participating in fun and interactive stations. At one station, students learned about solar energy and how to build a solar oven using a pizza box, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, newspaper and black construction paper.

Pizza boxes were generously donated by the Domino’s Pizza at Del Mar Highlands Town Center. At another station, students learned about watershed issues from the San Diego County Office of Education SPLASH mobile. Students walked away with a better understanding of how their actions can negatively or positively impact our waterways. At the garden station, students completed a scavenger hunt in which they learned about the different trees and crops. Upon completion, students were rewarded with a “dirt” pudding cup. Lastly, students learned about and made seed balls, which can turn an empty patch of land in the local community into something beautiful. Courtesy photos