Summer Fun Fundraiser held for San Diego Dance Theater

Scott and Melissa Fischel opened their Solana Beach hilltop homestead June 26 to 58 friends of Jean Isaacs’ San Diego Dance Theater, for the company’s first Family Fun Fundraiser.

The San Diego Dance Theater earned $10,000 over the course of the four-hour catered party.

Most of the guests clustered around the silent auction table to select from local theatrical performances and out-of-town adventures.

George Willis, one of the founders of the San Diego Dance Theater, and past president of the board of directors (as well as Professor Emiratis from his years of leading the dance department at San Diego State University) offered a $3,000 challenge grant, which was soon matched by Jean Isaacs’ loyal friends and fans who came to the party.

The $10,000 raised that day will support the “Kids on Board” program which allows school children to attend the “Trolley Dances” in guided groups. Some of the money will go to “Aging Creatively” a program that has structured classes in Modern, Tap, Musical Theater Dance and Jazz for dancers over 60; and to Dance Fierce for teens.

“Trolley Dances” is a program of site-specific dances to be seen during the fall. Dances are choreographed specifically to be performed at six sites along the San Diego Trollley route.

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