Beach Party unveils new name of San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy
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Beach Party unveils new name of San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy

Barbara Spiro, Karen Curl, John and Carol Rayes (McKenzie Images)
Encinitas council member Joe Mosca and Matt Bosse, with Oscar, Garrett, Devan, and Oliver (McKenzie Images)
Sona Arnzen with drummer Cruz (McKenzie Images)
Solana Beach Mayor David Zito and Brenda Zito (McKenzie Images)
San Diego Sand Castles ( artist JT Estrela carved the letters into the sand for the reveal (McKenzie Images)
Lagoon Platoon volunteers Rod Goodson, Cindy Moore, Elizabeth Venrick, Jorge Valdivieso (McKenzie Images)
Nature Collective board members gather with Executive Director Doug Gibson (white shirt) in celebration of the sandcastle name unveiling (McKenzie Images)
Celine Dalfonzo, Robert Hensley, and Kevin Dalfonzo, were among the many participating in the drum circle (McKenzie Images)
Kara Kong with Declan and Aiden (McKenzie Images)
JT Estrela and Kristine Rodda, of San Diego Sand Castles ( created a sculpture for the event (McKenzie Images)
Stevie Ostrow, Peter Zahn, David Kramer, Anita Hayworth (McKenzie Images)
Richard Cottrell, Tricia Smith, Jeremy Blakespear and Encinitas Mayor Catherine S. Blakespear with Ava and Oliver, San Elijo Lagoon Conservancy Executive Director Doug Gibson, Encinitas council member Tony Kranz and Cynthia Kranz (McKenzie Images)
Judy Mitchell, Sharon Delphenich (McKenzie Images)