Carmel Del Mar International Showcase
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Carmel Del Mar International Showcase

The Korean representatives (McKenzie Images)
India was well represented at the International Showcase (McKenzie Images)
PTA President/event chair Sarah Buzi with Anika (McKenzie Images)
Sriloga Kath with Aadhav and Tanish representing India (McKenzie Images)
Wonny Oh, Junhee Shin, Namju Kim, Avery Park, Jeesun Kim, with students Jiwon, Elyssa, and Seong Jun representing Korea (McKenzie Images)
Ying Yang, Talia, Vaia, Anika, Vanessa (McKenzie Images)
Noah, Hibiki, and Rin representing Japan (McKenzie Images)
Gourd painters Lea, Anabelle, Violet, Pepper, Vaia, and Christiana Dhiman at the Cyprus table (McKenzie Images)
Representatives from China brought many cultural artifacts (McKenzie Images)
Chaowei Wong and Xiaoying Chen with Tyler and Terry, Amy Yao with Alice (McKenzie Images)
Lorena Fisher with Vanessa, and Virginia Del Castillo representing Mexico (McKenzie Images)
Jane Ye and Fred Liu with Audrey (McKenzie Images)
Lukas and Katie Hamada with Nicolas, Thomas and McKenzie (McKenzie Images)