‘Dia de los Muertos’ held in Solana Beach
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‘Dia de los Muertos’ held in Solana Beach

Sangita Bhatia, Nicole Mehta, with Suren, Eesha, Uma (McKenzie Images)
Markos (in taco costume), with Cecilia Duran (McKenzie Images)
Volunteers kept things running smoothly (McKenzie Images)
Karla Otero, Eva and Marcus Arrazola, Rosa Arrazola (McKenzie Images)
The procession passes by the family shrines (McKenzie Images)
Gabriela Ocampo with Brandon (McKenzie Images)
Blessing of the shrines (McKenzie Images)
Everyone was invited to participate in the procession (McKenzie Images)
Performer Hunter shares his guitar with La Cantrina (McKenzie Images)
Shrines are created with great care (McKenzie Images)
Nelson and Bertha Baltazar, with Hillary and Hermione (McKenzie Images)
The Beltran family shrine (McKenzie Images)
Jessica Pride, Carolyn Klarer (McKenzie Images)
The procession circled La Colonia Park (McKenzie Images)
Participants gather at the start of the procession (McKenzie Images)
Sonia Farron with Gabriela (McKenzie Images)
Natalia De Spain, Bryan Perez (McKenzie Images)
Hernandez Street Apartments gather by their community altar (McKenzie Images)
Gonzalez – Montano family shrine (McKenzie Images)
Volunteers Daniel Medina, Francisca Montes, Sefarino Medina (McKenzie Images)
Danza Mexi´cayotl performers, with President/Board Chair Manny Aguilar of event co-sponsor La Colonia de Eden Gardens (McKenzie Images)
Jessica Pride, Carolyn Klarer (McKenzie Images)