‘Sci-Fri: Behind the Magic’ at Del Mar Heights
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‘Sci-Fri: Behind the Magic’ at Del Mar Heights

Tammy MacDonald with Ryan and Samantha (McKenzie Images)
Making slime was a lot of fun! (McKenzie Images)
Livio, Tiffany, Oliver (McKenzie Images)
Merrie Craig with Micaela (McKenzie Images)
Marissa, Sophia, Elise, Anne Chao, Mollie (McKenzie Images)
Brian Hoskins with Elias (McKenzie Images)
PTA President Amy Chelesnik with Ryan (McKenzie Images)
Sam gets ready to pop the bubble on the dry ice project (McKenzie Images)
Matthew Tilker with Joanna (McKenzie Images)
Dani, Sophiann, Calliope (McKenzie Images)