Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society BBQ
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Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society BBQ

Molly Fleming, Tim Galvin (McKenzie Images)
Guests enjoyed food from Brett’s BBQ (McKenzie Images)
Developer John DeWald spoke of his plans to build the Solana Beach Senior Care facility (McKenzie Images)
Sherre and David Cain (McKenzie Images)
Jeanine Dreifuss, Fran Moore, Solana Beach city council member Judy Hegenauer (McKenzie Images)
Tom and Lori Wolf, Beth Moore, Solana Beach Civic and Historical Society President Michele Stribling, Rebecca Kenney (McKenzie Images)
Bob Gottfredson, Richard Moore (McKenzie Images)
Rena Monge, Susan McEachern (McKenzie Images)
Scoutmaster Rich McGuire, Troop Assistant Douglas Alden, scouts Clinton, Everett and Griffin (McKenzie Images)
Debra and John DeWald with a model of their proposed (McKenzie Images)
Jackie Barrett, Phyllis Schwartzlose, Donna Golich, Carol Childs, Jim Bushnell (McKenzie Images)