Solana Beach Soccer Club honors players with Peter Schmid Memorial Sportsmanship Awards


The Solana Beach Soccer Club annually gives Peter Schmid Memorial Sportsmanship Awards to honor the memory of Peter Schmid, a young member of the soccer club who loved the game. The recipients are honored for their sportsmanship, which might include citizenship, helpfulness, attitude, and loyalty.

Honorees included:

Caitlin Lindley by Coach Kate Boles

“Caitlin was an extremely coachable player who listened to feedback throughout the season and made improvements weekly to her skills that elevated her level of play.”

Madeline Boles by Coach Kate Boles

“She is a role model to the other players with her level of hustle and intensity during games and practices.”

Jaylin Becerra Delgadillo nominated by Diana Baker

“Jaylin had never played organized soccer before this year, but became a great player, ferocious defender, and quiet role model for our team by the end of the year.”

Benicio Olson nominated by Coach Jake Stratton

“His personal use of the ‘Golden Rule’ goes beyond soccer, and by so doing, his teammates quickly became his good friends.”

Eduardo Islas nominated by Coach Jake Stratton

“Eduardo is the kind of player that every coach looks forward to coaching as he is a good listener that converts instruction to on-field results.”

ACAI team nominated by Coach Doug Gilbert:

Ella Ault, Camille Bernier, Summer Cabrera, Kayla Cappel, Lujane Decorse, Tess Franklin, Lila Gilbert, Valeria Palma, Cecilia Rimer, Meyah Tapia

“They are a special team who each week gained more love and respect for the game and each other.”

Coach Recognition Scott Billington Award:

The Scott Billington Memorial Award honors Scott’s leadership and invaluable contributions made to the community, and in particular to the SBSC. The recipient(s) are honored for their leadership and selfless enthusiasm and whose contributions to the SBSC honor Scott’s spirit.

Coach Brian Tresp nominated by parent Corrie Falcon

“He is organized, enthusiastic, caring, competitive, and a great mentor for our boys. Each boy feels special with Brian’s leadership.”

Coach Lisa Hernandez nominated by parent Ryan Stafford

“Lisa Hernadez is such an amazing coach. Her ability to connect, motivate, and encourage the girls has been inspiring all season.

Coach Jeff Capell nominated by Coach Doug Gilbert

“Jeff is at his best when he is working with kids at their level, and he is so deserving of this award because of all the things he does in our community.”

Coach Chad Arendsen nominated by Coach Doug Gilbert

“Chad is a pinnacle of the community, always up for supporting families, leagues, and most importantly kids, in anyway possible.”

A Special Award was given to President of the SBSC Jeff Lyle for his continued support of the league.

“Jeff took on so many roles this year on the board to keep things going even though his kids have been out of the league for years. He is a champion of our community.”

Photos by Jon Clark Online: