NCL San Diego del Norte holds beginning of year Mother-Daughter Zoom Meeting

Sustainers packed donated backpacks with school supplies for Voices for Children.

The San Diego del Norte Chapter of National Charity League (NCL, Inc) recently held its beginning of the school year Mother /Daughter Meeting on Zoom. The chapter highlighted summer philanthropy projects and celebrated chapter awards. Over 200 members joined the meeting virtually.

Ella Jorgensen
Ella Jorgensen (class of 2025), made paracord survival bracelets for Operation Gratitude.

This summer, the members volunteered for many of their partner philanthropies, including collecting canned goods for Jewish Family Services’ Hands Up Food Pantry, sewing masks for nurses, doctors and first responders. Chapter Ticktockers and Patronesses also wrote cards and made items to donate for children, doctors and nurses at Rady Children’s Hospital’s Helen Bernardy Center. As volunteers, NCL members engaged in beach and neighborhood clean-ups and made paracord bracelets for Operation Gratitude.

Celerina Chao
Celerina Chao delivered donated items to nurses, doctors, and children at Rady Children’s Hospital.

Chapter awards for the 2019-2020 year were presented to 56 mothers and daughters who volunteered together for 25 or more hours. The Mission Bell Awards for Ticktockers who volunteered for 50 hours or more of service in a single chapter philanthropy were presented to: Abigail Beamer (2022), Alexandra Scafidi (2022), Katie Griffitts (2023), Grace Caccavo (2023), and Haley Dinsmore (2024).

Beth Stevenson Lee
Beth Stevenson Lee (right) and Noelle Lee (class of 2026) made cards for children, nurses and doctors at Rady Children’s Hospital.

The Yellow Rosebud Award winners for 50 or more in combined philanthropies were presented to: Brooke Waite (2021), Sarah Ortel (2021), Haley Dinsmore (2021), Abigail Beamer (2022), Claire Bickett (2022), Madeline Casey (2022), Mia Clemens (2022), Anna Fazio (2022), Kelsey Finley (2022), Emerson Rider (2022), Paulina Bortnak (2023), Mary Taich (2024), Claire Ratzer (2024), Mae Lombardi (2024), Ella Lombardi (2024), Lauren Hackleyu (2024), Ella Jorgense (2025), Carmen Morera (2025), Lillian O’Shaughnessey (2025), Urmila Hawk-Miller (2025), Olivia Howe (2025), Evangelique Kourie (2025), Natalie Licosati (2025).

Natalie (class of 2025)
Natalie (class of 2025), Mia (class of 2021), and mom Janie Licosati, collected canned goods for Hands Up Food Pantry. The chapter collected 2,500 cans the month of July.

The Yellow Rose award for 75 hours or more in combined philanthropies were presented to Alexandra Scafidi (2022), Grace Caccavo (2023), Kathryn Silva (2023), and Nadia Yang (2025).

The Hourglass Award for 100 or more hours of service in combined philanthropies was presented to Katie Griffits (2023) and Ashlyn Garrigan (2025), and the Merci Award for the Ticktocker who served the most hours of volunteer service for the 2019-2020 NCL Year was presented to Ashlyn Garrigan (2025).

Abigail Pinkerton, Reece LaRocca, and Brooke Klecher
Abigail Pinkerton, Reece LaRocca, and Brooke Klecher (all class of 2025), collected canned goods for Hands Up Food Pantry.

Awards Chair Erin Hawk congratulated all award recipients by sharing, “for our treasured members, each one of you brought your courage into practice as you continued during uncertain times to serve our community in the most beautiful and giving ways. You showed up when others may not have. You encouraged others despite your own confusion as you worked to understand the world around you. During this unprecedented time, you have demonstrated tremendous courage and a renewed sense of optimism!”

Samantha Huyghe
Samantha Huyghe and Mia Fisher (both class of 2026) sewed face masks for nurses and doctors.

National Charity League, Inc. (NCL, Inc.) is a non-profit national organization of mothers and daughters who join together in community involvement within local chapters throughout the United States. The goal is to foster a sense of community responsibility and strengthen the mother-daughter relationship. Daughters participate in a six-year program of philanthropic work, educational activities and cultural events. The chapter is currently in the process of its Membership Drive for the Class of 2027. For more information, contact Nicole Brewer, VP membership, at or visit

Backpacks filled a few cars to be delivered to Voices for Children.