Carmel Creek and Solana Pacific PTO Donuts & Drones


The Cougars and Sandpipers took to the skies and pavement on a beautiful morning Nov. 14 thanks to the joint effort of the PTOs (Parent Teacher Organizations) of two Solana Beach School District schools. Carmel Creek and Solana Pacific families brought their drones and remote control cars to the Solana Pacific school playground for a playdate. Fueled by yummy PQ Donuts, the children raced and flew their devices in specific zones and parents willingly demonstrated how to safely operate the technology. The hum of the laughter and conversation coming from the people reuniting or meeting each other for the first time was far louder than the buzz of the equipment. Jonathan Szymanowski, father of two and Dads’ Clubs lead for both schools’ PTOs, brought the participants together for a chat about general drone safety and the capabilities of his drone. The audience had to guess how high he could fly his fancy machine: 400 feet!

Photos by Jon Clark