Many reasons to ‘Celebrate’ at NCL San Diego del Norte Mother/Daughter Spring Luncheon


Lomas Santa Fe Country Club in Solana Beach was all abuzz on Sunday, May 22, as 250 National Charity League (NCL, Inc.) San Diego del Norte Chapter Ticktockers and Patronesses came together for the annual mother/daughter spring luncheon. The joyous gathering was a time to celebrate and acknowledge the Chapter’s cumulative 7,000-plus hours of annual philanthropy service, various enriching cultural experiences and invaluable leadership opportunities.

A fun candy-themed Ticktocker Carnival kicked off the day by the Ticktocker Council which is composed of board members from grades 7 through 12. The Council hosted home-made carnival games all the while educating the participants about the various philanthropy organizations that partner with the San Diego del Norte Chapter. In addition, the Class of 2023 sponsored an exciting raffle to raise funds for their Senior Class Project. Co-chairs of the senior project, Grace Flanagan and Kaija Kudirka, revealed the group’s vision to update and decorate two of the living quarters at San Pasqual Academy, a nonprofit transition home for teens in Escondido. San Pasqual Academy is one of over 25 nonprofit philanthropy organizations that partner with the chapter.

During the lunch program, the San Diego del Norte Chapter welcomed 67 incoming new members – Provisional Ticktockers and Patronesses to the Classes of 2028 and 2027, a record high for the chapter. In addition, the chapter’s Mary Kollus Award presented for exemplifying congeniality and goodwill was bestowed on Patroness Kate Zimmer, this past year’s VP of Ticktockers and a Ticktocker once herself. Zimmer was nominated by her peers for the prestigious and heartfelt award that honors Patroness Mary Kollus who passed away but is remembered every year at the meeting. Zimmer could not be physically present but humbly and graciously accepted the award over a FaceTime video call.

Current chapter President Margaret Griffitts celebrated the year’s highlights, acknowledged outgoing board members, chairpersons and liaisons, and then passed the baton to incoming President Stephanie Kourie, a veteran legacy Patroness with three daughters in NCL in the Classes of 2015, 2018 and 2025. Kourie announced the members of the incoming 2022-2023 board composed of volunteer Patronesses across all classes. NCL requires that all member Patronesses take on a leadership role annually to lead by example to their younger and impressionable daughters. If you are interested in learning more about National Charity League, visit their website at