Helen Woodward Center Therapeutic Riding Show


Helen Woodward Animal Center honored some very special students at its 2022 Therapeutic Riding Show, Safari Adventure, held June 25 in the Center’s Riding Arena. The event features performances of the students’ newly-developed equine skills, followed by a presentation of awards. This year’s show ribbons and trophies were provided by Evergate Stables.

Helen Woodward Animal Center’s Therapeutic Riding Program was established in 1983 and was developed to assist children and adults with a variety of special needs from cerebral palsy, to Down syndrome and autism, to stroke recovery and learning disabilities. Students ride specially-trained horses with certified instructors in weekly sessions to develop increased balance and muscle control, improve concentration and short-term memory, and enhance their confidence and self-esteem. Therapeutic riding can benefit individuals with a wide range of challenges, including cognitive, physical, emotional, or social. One of the most significant results of the program is the unmistakable joy received by its riders.

Photos by Jon Clark