Del Mar Pines student dessert drawing comes to life

Del Mar Pines fifth-grader Veronica Yu received a first place ribbon after her drawing (directly over her right shoulder) was selected by pastry chef Karen Krasne.
(Luke Harold)

Each year, Del Mar Pines art teacher Tanya Robinson has her class draw their dream desserts as part of an “Extraordinary Dessert Project.” This year, she partnered with pastry chef Karen Krasne to bring one of their watercolor designs to life.

“You did so well, I wanted to show off your talents,” Robinson told her fifth-grade students Oct. 16.

Krasne, founder and owner of Extraordinary Desserts, told the students she could have picked any one of their designs. She said she consulted with her staff on what the best possible options would be.

“I just thought they were exceptional,” Krasne said.

But she decided to bake a cake inspired by the drawing of a three-layer cake topped with a doughnut, by Veronica Yu.

“I was very surprised,” Veronica, 10, said when Krasne announced that her drawing had been selected, adding that it was inspired by a cake she had when she was younger.

Veronica received a first-place ribbon in front of a classroom wall where all the students’ still-life dessert drawings were on display. Then Krasne unveiled her rendition of the cake, which was only one layer, but had the same icing design and doughnut topping.

The dessert project was designed to teach the students about the still-life, portrait and landscape genres, which were popular during the U.S. colonial period.

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