Congressman Scott Peters gives back at local food, blood banks

Rep. Scott Peters prepares food to be given to those in need with San Diego Food Bank President & CEO James Floros.

On March 23, Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52) volunteered at the San Diego Food Bank to boost awareness of how healthy San Diegans can safely contribute to serving the community during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

The San Diego Food Bank has two warehouses, one in Miramar and one in North County, and will continue to actively seek volunteers and donations at this time. Their programs feed up to 350,000 people every month, and will grow increasingly more important as food assistance becomes more widely needed. Without the help of volunteers, their services will slow to a stop and their entire client population will face hunger.

“For San Diegans looking to help their community in ways other than practicing proper hygiene, responsible social distancing, and daily kindness, there are many programs that are in dire need of help,” Peters said. “Places like blood banks and food banks are essential services that truly run on the generosity and effort of volunteers. By donating what time or resources you have to these organizations, especially when they are facing severe shortages, you are doing lifesaving work. We all must do what we can to lend a hand during these trying times.”

Peters was also scheduled to donate blood at the San Diego Blood Bank on March 24. Blood bank reserves are running dangerously low and are in urgent need of donations. The San Diego Blood Bank is taking every precaution to ensure safe, best health practices for donors, and eligible and healthy donors are encouraged to make an appointment to provide crucial blood, platelets and plasma to patients.
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