Helen Woodward Animal Center celebrates rescue of more than 60 chihuahuas

One of the rescued chihuahuas.

One of the rescued chihuahuas.

(Courtesy of Helen Woodward Animal Center)

On Thursday, May 14, on International Chihuahua Appreciation Day, staffers at Helen Woodward Animal Center had a lot to appreciate thanks to the rescue of more than 60 chihuahuas pulled from an animal hoarding case in the Bakersfield area. In February this year, a report to authorities regarding the dogs desperate situation united the center with several rescue groups partnering to pull the pups to safety. Helen Woodward Animal Center has been caring for 16 of these chihuahuas who are healing, happy and on their way to loving new homes.

In mid-February, Helen Woodward Animal Center received an urgent call. More than 60 chihuahuas had just been discovered at a home in the Bakersfield area. The situation had become dire and help was immediately needed to find refuge for dozens of chihuahuas. Partnering with a variety of rescue groups and animal shelters in the surrounding areas, the timid tots ranging in ages from one to eight were picked up from the hoarding case and divided among several organizations.

Helen Woodward Animal Center received 14 of these petite pups named Chico, Charles, Captain, Curtis, Chase, Chappy, Chauncey, Copper, Chadwick, Cash, Calvin, Cactus, Candy and Cherry. Before long, however, it became clear that Cherry was pregnant with two tiny stowaways, bringing the total to 16 chihuahua pups.

The rescue of these chihuahuas was not only imperative due to the number of dogs being kept in a single home. They were also in terrible health. The dogs were struggling with upper respiratory illnesses, some had skin issues, one had a leg injury, and none had received their routine vaccines and spay and neuter surgeries. Over the last three months, each pup has not only received the medical attention they required but they have also been socialized, provided general training, and given lots of love while going through the process of healing and coming out of their shells.

“While they may look small, these wonderful pups have shown us their big hearts and taught us so much about overcoming struggles,” explained Dora Dahlke, Adoptions Services manager. “They all have very similar looks but they all are unique and special in their own way and have taken their own time to heal and show their true selves. We are so grateful to have been able to be a part of their growth and their bright future ahead.”

Over the last several weeks, eight of the chihuahuas have found their forever families. Currently, Chadwick and Cash are eagerly awaiting the right family to welcome them into a loving home. Meanwhile mom, Cherry is taking a break in foster care before going available for adoption, after raising her babies who have now been weaned. Chauncey is receiving more specialized medical care for a condition in his leg and Candy and Calvin are continuing to work with center trainer Rob Kuty before they, too, begin their search for forever homes.

For more information on Helen Woodward Animal Center and how to adopt go online at www.animalcenter.org. —News release