Local Girl Scout troop spreads message of kindness

A local Girl Scout troop completed a kindness project in April.

Local Carmel Valley Girl Scout Troop 4524 recently completed a project to highlight the importance of kindness during this unique pandemic experience. Each of the eight girls represented a letter in the word “kindness” in a photo collage and shared their experiences and feelings about kindness during this time of their lives.

Girl Scout Kira wrote about acts of kindness that kids can do around the house to make their parents’ lives easier during quarantine such as chores and doing homework without being asked.

“Another small act you can do is to just let your parents relax a little even when you need something, because they are doing a lot for us, with homeschooling and work, so they may need some extra sleep,” Kira said.

The girls wrote about how kindness can be a small act as simple as a smile that can brighten someone’s day or an act of charity that supports those in need.

“Kindness is precious, especially during this bitter time of no school. Treasure the kindness you receive, and send it out to all you see, like a ripple in a pond, every action counts,” wrote Anita. “Kindness is everywhere, from the painted stones at the sidewalk to the heartwarming messages and gifts from my dear friends, they all are the sunshine that keeps me smiling and brave.”