Two Carmel Valley boys create a positive newscast to help those affected by COVID-19

Zac and Asher Swazey delivering donations to Barrio Logan neighbors.

Reminding people of all the good around them, especially during this most challenging time, Zac and Asher Swazey (12 and 10 years old respectively) created a positive newscast called SGN San Diego, which stands for Some Good News San Diego.

The newscast is centered around positive stories in San Diego. It is based on making people feel better during challenging times and supporting those in need.

Zac and Asher Swazey

The first episode is called “SGN San Diego – Barrio Logan & Logan Heights Community COVID-19 Response Episode 1.” This episode shares good news about community leaders and their support of this area’s neighbors in Barrio Logan and Logan Heights.

Asher is the broadcaster and Zac is the field reporter who provides an unexpected weather report and a DIY Science project with a bang.

Tune into SGN San Diego at