Frogs for Funds: Local teen’s effort supports Black Lives Matter causes

Paige Chew, 15, has sold her handmade frogs to support Black Lives Matter causes.

A Carmel Valley teenager is using her crafting talents to help make a difference—15-year-old Paige Chew has raised $300 by selling her handmade plush frogs to support Black Lives Matter causes.

Paige, an incoming junior at Canyon Crest Academy, has been sewing since she was in the fourth grade and started making frogs during the quarantine as a fun way to keep herself busy. Paige was impacted by the death of George Floyd and inspired to act after witnessing others coming together across the country take a stand for racial justice.

“I wanted to go to the protests but my dad is immunocompromised so it was not an option. I decided to come up with another way to help the movement in a remote space,” Paige said. “As a person of color it’s heartbreaking to see other people of color going through hardships that affect their daily lives.”

With lots of fabric in their house, Paige has made plush frogs in multiple colors and patterns. People can make requests for the colors of their frogs. She is also making custom earrings to help raise funds.

Paige’s older sister Allison, who will be a junior at Cal Poly this fall, is helping her expand her reach online. Allison serves as the marketing director for a college organization and used her skills to help Frogs for Funds make more of an impact. Allison said she wasn’t as involved in social justice issues when she was a high school student and said it has been very moving to see younger people like Paige getting involved, organizing protests and raising awareness.

Paige said she is very grateful for the amount of funds she has raised so far—donations have been made to the DeDe McClure Community Bail Fund, a local San Diego organization; the Black Visions Collective in Minnesota; and to the Black Trans Travel Fund, which provides Black transgender women with the financial resources needed to determine safer alternatives to travel in New York and New Jersey. As her fundraiser goes on, Paige said she will continue to research other initiatives to support.

At Canyon Crest Academy Paige is a part of the Lumberjack Club, a club that sells pancakes at school events for charity. She is hoping the club can also support Black Lives Matter causes this year.

Frogs for Funds are $10 locally and $17 to ship. To order, email