Student-led Hospital Helpers gives back to frontline workers

Ella Adams and Claudia Summers of Hospital Helpers.

Ella Adams, a rising sophomore at Canyon Crest Academy, wanted to do something to support overwhelmed and hard-working hospital workers during the COVID-19 pandemic so she started her own nonprofit called Hospital Helpers 2020. The goal is to collect personal protective equipment, snacks, drinks, and treats and donate the items to front-line workers.

“I started Hospital Helpers 2020 after schools shut down in March and I realized how serious and devastating the coronavirus pandemic was going to be,” said Ella. “I was inspired to do this because I heard about all the people trying to help those struggling with COVID-19 but not having enough supplies to do so. I wanted to do something to assist in some way, even if it was small.”

Ella started the organization with her 10-year-old sister Isabelle and her friend Claudia Summers. Isabelle will be a fifth grader at Solana Pacific Elementary School and Claudia will be a freshman at Canyon Crest Academy.

“We wanted to help front-line workers with much-needed equipment and special treats since they’re working so hard to keep us safe,” added Ella.

The organization has now collected over $7,500 worth of goods, including a $500 donation of Chuao Chocolatier treats that a child donated from their college fund. Donations have come from over 50 neighbors, friends and fellow female athletes from Female Athlete Volunteers (FAV)— both Ella and Claudia, who play field hockey, are members of FAV.

Ella Adams delivers a carload of Hospital Helpers donations.

Since March, Ella has brought carloads of donations to UC San Diego Health, Scripps Health, Rady Children’s Health and contributed to the COVID-19 Medical Equipment Initiative, which distributes donations to various facilities in the area.

“Hospitals still need donations and are expecting a surge in coronavirus cases. As a consequence, hospitals may become overwhelmed. Local hospitals are still in need of personal protective equipment and greatly appreciate the special treats that the community contributes,” said Ella. “Hospital workers still really need support from the community. I want to be a medical doctor and they’re heroes in our community in times like this. I know if I was working in the hospitals right now, I would really appreciate the community supporting me.”

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