Former CCA students launch online business

Two CCA graduates launched Coastal Advising, a company that assists small businesses with web development and social media.

Two former Canyon Crest Academy students started a website design and social media company to help small business owners who have struggled with their online presence, especially after COVID-19 has forced many of them to close their storefronts.

“In quarantine we saw this issue that many businesses were being forced to close, and a lot of them were run by older people who didn’t really have a grasp of the internet,” said Anson Liss, 19, heading into his third year at UC Irvine. “They couldn’t really figure out how to run social media and make a website.”

He and his classmate, Daniel Goodman, launched the company, Coastal Advising, in April. They reached out to shopping centers, business owners, and family and friends with small businesses to build up a client base. They initially offered their services free to demonstrate their value before they started charging.

The two offer prices starting at $350 to make their services more accessible to small business owners. Many of them are unable to afford online consulting services from larger firms that charge at least a few thousand dollars. So far, they said, they’ve taken on clients in the entertainment, medical and real estate industries.

“With money being so tight for people during the pandemic, we knew we’d have to make it affordable without sacrificing quality,” said Goodman, 20, who goes to Tulane.

He added that “there’s always been a marketplace for web development, but it’s kind of targeted at larger corporations.”

They donate 10% of proceeds to charities of their clients’ choice, which have so far included Doctors Without Borders and Feeding America.

Liss said they credit their teachers at CCA for pushing them “to be innovative problem solvers.” After graduating college, they said they want to keep growing the business. For more information, visit