Youth-led TutorsForChange providing affordable education resources and services


TutorsForChange is a youth-led organization dedicated to fighting racial and social injustices by providing affordable education resources and services. TutorsForChange was founded by Emily Suh, and is additionally run by Co-Presidents Tamara Andrijanic, Alex Yeh and Jade Nam, all of whom attend Torrey Pines High School.


TutorsForChange charges $10 per hour tutoring K-12 students, and donates 100% of its earnings to Black Lives Matter organizations. TutorsForChange donates all of its proceeds, and explores and donates to new organizations each month to support a variety of related causes. This month, TutorsForChange will be donating to the “Justice For Breonna Taylor” fundraiser. In order to safely carry out tutoring sessions. TutorsForChange conducts all lessons online through Zoom. The benefits of Zoom lessons allow the organization to break distance-related boundaries, and tutor children nation-wide.

TutorsForChange strives to raise social awareness and was founded on the premise of students trying to do their part in society, and using their skills to fuel and show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement. You can contact TutorsForChange through email at, Instagram: @tutorsforchange2020, or on the TutorsForChange website, which is linked in its Instagram or visit