San Diego Schools group aims to help educate parents

The logo for the San Diego Schools organization.

A coalition of San Diego County education advocates announced the formation of San Diego Schools, an advocacy group established to improve education in the county.

Advocates from San Diego Schools have begun attending local public school board meetings to introduce the organization and raise awareness regarding the need for improved communication and access to information.

“Our goal is to improve transparency, accountability, and equity in the school districts throughout San Diego County,” said Todd Maddison, who co-founded the organization with Amy Caterina, Wendy Gumb and Nick Marinovich. “We hope to engage and educate parents in order to develop a more nuanced understanding of how education works in their community.”

The group has created a website at which acts as a central hub for information, giving parents and students the ability to find answers and resolve problems. In addition, San Diego Schools is actively recruiting parent and community education activists to join their coalition. Interested parties can sign up to receive announcements regarding community-based learning opportunities such as webinars and lectures on diverse topics of public education.

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