Laughing Pony Rescue camp offers kids a special summer experience

Participants at the recent Laughing Pony Rescue camp.

Participants at the recent Laughing Pony Rescue camp.


Laughing Pony Rescue in Rancho Santa Fe held its first camp of the summer last week. Over the course of five days at the ranch, campers (ages 7-11) learned about horse care, rode a horse everyday alongside experienced ranch volunteers, and more. At the end of the week, each camper went home with their own horse-shoe dreamcatcher, tons of horse knowledge, a certificate of achievement, and a heart filled with love and appreciation for horses. Laughing Pony Rescue is dedicated to educating others about the beauty and wonder of horses with a mission in mind— to make the world a better place for equine friends. Every dollar raised by the Horse Rescue Camp is put toward saving horses across the country.

The next two camp sessions at Laughing Pony Rescue will be held Aug. 3 - Aug. 7 or Aug. 10 - Aug. 14, from 9 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Campers will learn from a different expert in the field of horse care every day. A veterinarian, a ferrier, a cowboy, a horse trainer, and an equine therapy psychologist will come to teach the kids about the different aspects of owning, caring for, and interacting with horses. After learning about horses from local experts, hanging out with a goat and a sheep, and learning to lasso, each camper will experience the art of riding a horse with the supervision of experienced ranch volunteers. Each day, one of the sweet, gentle horses will safely escort their campers around a ring, offering a priceless lesson in communication, patience and trust.

Each camper and each camp volunteer wear a mask at all times. Time is allotted throughout the day to wash hands and sanitize to make sure the camp is safe for everyone. Those interested are invited to attend one of the next two camp sessions.

To sign up for Horse Rescue Camp, contact Joe at or (480) 766-1074. A $400 per student donation is required. Only 10 kids per five-day camp session.