Local students form Carmel Valley Against Corona

Carmel Valley Against Corona members have been making and donating face masks.

Through a movement called Students Against Corona, three local college students have been making masks and reaching out to senior citizens as part of an effort to address the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We all realized we were going to be home for a while, and we have the ability to help people in our community but we weren’t really sure of the best way to do so,” said Angela Liu, a student in Stanford’s class of 2023 and Torrey Pines High School graduate.

Their local chapter, Carmel Valley Against Corona, is part of a larger organization called Students Against Corona, which started in the U.K. Angela and her friends thought about starting their own group before becoming part of the already established organization.

“It’s our home and we want to make sure that we serve the community that raised us in a sense, to give back to this community that we’ve been a part of our whole lives,” said Andrea Liu, who goes to Davidson and graduated from Canyon Crest Academy.

In addition to making and donating cloth face masks to nonprofits, the students in Carmel Valley Against Corona also write cards of encouragement and support for essential workers and senior citizens. The group has also held local bake sales to help financially support its work.

By the end of August, the local chapter projects that the number of people it has served will surpass 3,000, according to its website.

“Our goal ultimately is just to help our community,” Andrea said. “It arose out of the COVID pandemic, but it doesn’t have to end with the pandemic. It can continue on in any way that our community needs help.”

She added that it’s been “really cool to see how people have come together during this time in terms of finding ways to have fun in a socially distanced way or celebrate the smaller things in life.”

Angela, Andrea and another one of their friends in the group, Caroline Bao, will be doing their coursework remotely this fall when the new school year starts.

“It’s a big transition,” said Caroline, who graduated from Canyon Crest Academy and goes to MIT. “You miss out on a lot of the in-person or hands-on things you can do on campus and also the community that’s there. But people are adjusting and I’m hopeful how my school adapts to the fall.”

For more information, visit cvagainstcorona.weebly.com or email carmelvalleyagainstcorona@gmail.com.