North County San Diego Foundations grant nearly $1.3 million to address urgent community needs


The accelerating scale of COVID-19 and its ripple effects have hit those already at the brink of not being able to make ends meet especially hard. Faced with ongoing unemployment and reduced wages, families are struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table. At the same time, these families also grapple with the challenges of distance learning and social isolation- all while trying to stay healthy.

The North County COVID-19 Response Fund was launched in March to address the basic needs of vulnerable individuals, including food, hygiene items, and clothing; housing and utilities; transportation, technology and more. A collaborative effort of the Coastal Community Foundation, Leichtag Foundation and Rancho Santa Fe Foundation, the Fund has granted $619,750 to 31 nonprofits to date. Furthermore, $673,921 was leveraged for local COVID-19-related needs from additional donors. Thousands of individuals have been served.

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An example of impact - The Jimenezes are a loving and happy family. Mom and Dad have proudly worked hard to provide a stable home for their four children — but that was before COVID-19. When shutdown orders were imposed to limit the virus spread, both parents lost their jobs and struggled to pay the rent and buy groceries. The children suffered from depression due to their isolation at home. By June, even staying at home was under threat for the family. After months of joblessness, they could not pay the rent. With a grant from the North County COVID-19 Response Fund, North County Lifeline, a local nonprofit, was able to cover the rent payment and connect the family with other critically-needed resources. The family was grateful to remain together, safely and at home. One of the family’s sons said that the best part of working with Lifeline is “knowing we are not alone through COVID-19.”

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To learn more about the Fund’s impact join them on Oct. 6 at 10 a.m. for a reflective, virtual conversation with executive directors of local nonprofits supported by the Fund. Speakers include: Max Disposti, North County LGBTQ Resource Center; Nicole Mione-Green, Casa de Amistad; Javier Guerrero, Coastal Roots Farm; and Samantha Holt, Armed Services YMCA of Camp Pendleton. There is no fee to attend. Register here:

For more information about the North County COVID-19 Response Fund and to contribute, go to — News release